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I'm pleased to announce that The Phoenix is now part of the book collection of Bookshare, which provides books like a library to visually impaired members. Bookshare is a nonprofit entity. The books are made available in many different formats. Somehow (don't ask me how!) they can also be made into Braille. I urge other authors to submit their books to Bookshare. Having one accepted is a warm and fuzzy feeling, even if it won't change the balance in the bank book. The bookshare website is Please pass this information along to anyone you know who is visually impaired.


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"I was born Jack Rourke. My father was a demon and my mother was a whore. I was a thief. I was good at it."

Kit St. Denys, THE PHOENIX
Lethe Press; New Edition, 2009
ISBN-10 1590210468
ISBN-13: 978-1590210468


Welcome to the Ruth Sims' website!

Did you ever have a dream that lasted for a third of your life and then finally came true? It's happening to me! In a whirlwind chain of events -- three weeks from submission to contract -- Counterpoint: Dylan's Story has been sold and scheduled for publication July 2010 by Dreamspinner Press!

There are now TWO Book pages. One has all of The Phoenix stuff - the excerpts, readers' comments, snippets from new reviewers and links (including some new ones!). The other belongs to Counterpoint: Dylan's Story.

If you'll go to the new Counterpoint page, I'll start introducing the characters, tell you about how it came to be and why it took so long, and put some excerpts. Just a nibble at a time. After all, I have to tease you until you can buy it.

I had a small army of angels called beta readers, who took time out from their own lives and, in some cases, from their own writing, to cast a critical eye and make suggestions. I thought you'd like to see what some of them had to say about Counterpoint. (Won't tell you about the mistakes they found though. I'd be embarrassed!) Since I was limited in space in the frontmatter of the book itself, I'm honoring my wonderful betas on the website.

NEW! Short stories now published! Go to the Short Story page to find out which stories are now available and read excerpts. I've always loved writing short stories, but did not submit them anywhere. But they're fun! And cheap in EBook form put out by a new epublisher, Untreed Reads. There are excerpts on the Short Story page. ~~~~~~~

"The Lawyer, The Ghost, and The Cursed Chair" will make you laugh -- guaranteed. Who can't use a laugh nowadays?

"Mr. Newby's Revenge" will show you how one man used colored contact lenses, brown paper towels, and kitty litter to get a diabolical revenge on his childhood tormentor.

A different kind of revenge is told in "Burma Girl," June 2010, the story of a man who let an obsession ruin the lives of his children.

"Song on the Sand" is about an embittered elderly dancer who finds a peculiar salvation at the end.

"The Legend of the Mountain Ash" in the I Do Two anthology is a contribution to the marriage equality battle.

"Tom: or An Improbable Tail" is in print and Ebook. And two others are due out this year in anthologies.

And before I forget it, here's something you might find both informative and funny. It was a guest blog I did on BookWenches, titled "How To Turn A Straight Civil War Story Into a Gay Victorian Romance In Only Twenty Years" find it at My Guest Blog on BookWenches.

You can find my writings on Amazon, of course, but also many other places. Publishers' websites are likely the best place to link to online stores.

The Phoenix: Lethe website --
Counterpoint: Dylan's Story -- will be listed soon
Short Stories from Untreed Reads:
(easiest way is to put my name in the search field) Links there to buy sites worldwide!

Anybody wanting an autographed copy or bookplate can reach me at

Last but not least: write to me!!! It might take me a while, but I always answer. And don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter if you would like to get it.

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