"Mahrime" (pronounced MAH-re-may) means forbidden or impure in Rom'nes, the language of the British Rom (Gypsies). There is something almost Old Testament in the sexual mores of the 19th century Rom. They were unaccepting of anything sexually out of the ordinary and accepted. Women who committed adultery, men guilty of homosexual acts (for which there was no word), were cast out of the familia, or clan. Officially, they were dead to everyone they knew and, as with the dead, no one was ever allowed to speak their names. Mahrime is the story of two young men who are banished, and are trying to make their way in the alien gaujo culture, despised by their English countrymen for being Gypsies, and by their own people for being homosexual.


A gifted female impersonator, the toast of the London underground entertainment world in the 1890's, is also a psychotic serial killer who makes Jack the Ripper seem like a country vicar. It's a story of insanity, cruelty, and a murderer who has never known what it was to be truly loved by anyone. Afraid to die, he comes to believe that the secret to living forever is the blood sacrifice of an innocent. He very nearly succeeds.


The fourth of my historical gay love stories. The violence of the labor union movement in the late 1800's is the background for the tale of a man whose life is careening on a tragic course because of a desperate lie told him by his mother when he was a child. He didn't reckon on falling in love with another man-a man, moreover, who is everything he despises


Suspense. Murder. Hate crimes in a small town in mid-America. A young man goes undercover to find a serial killer and nearly becomes a victim of the serial killer.

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